Myth 5


#HomelessTruth: Australia is in a housing crisis. There is a housing shortage and this is pushing housing prices up. Consequently there is no affordable housing for people on low incomes, no matter where they move. Places that used to be cheap, such as the outer suburban and regional areas, have seen rents rise even faster than inner city areas.


There is more competition for the scant few affordable rentals available, which pushes prices up further. A recent report found there are just two rentals in the whole of Australia which would be affordable for a jobseeker surviving on Newstart (Anglicare, 2019). Victorian Government data shows that a single mother on a single parenting payment pays more than 50% of her income on median 2-bedroom rents in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, leaving her with little to pay for bills, transport, food and medical costs. Australia has squeezed people on low incomes out of the housing market altogether.

Many people think young people choose to be homeless because they are not getting on with their parents. The reality is that most young people who become homelessness are forced to leave home because of family violence.


Victorian Homelessness Network (VHN), is a partnership of the nine Regional Homelessness Networks in Victoria. The VHN provides a mechanism for strategically progressing issues of common concern across all Regional Homelessness Networks, with a focus on operational issues relating to management of a statewide homelessness service system. 

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