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Myths about homelessness put the blame on individuals, instead of on the systemic causes of homelessness, like a lack of housing. Discover #HomelessTruths  #WorldHomelessDay

Why don’t you just get a job? 30% of people who are homeless DO have a job, according @ABStats. And those who are unemployed find it very hard to find work without a stable home. It’s not laziness that makes people homeless. #WorldHomelessDay #HomelessTruths 

The chaos & instability of #homelessness has a devastating impact on #mentalhealth. It’s almost impossible to recover from mental illness without a safe home. More social housing would reduce #homelessness & improve people’s mental health. #HomelessTruths #worldhomelessday

Homelessness is not a lifestyle choice. Homelessness is what happens when people are pushed out of the housing market with no safety net to catch them. Discover #homelesstruths this #WorldHomelessDay at

This #WorldHomelessDay, Victorian homelessness workers are smashing myths and revealing #HomelessTruths. It’s time we stopped blaming individuals and look to those who can fix the problem – our state and federal government. Find out more

Only 3% of people who seek help from homelessness orgs say that the reason they need help is drugs or alcohol. 35% say they are homeless because of a lack of affordable housing and 38% because of a family violence. Discover #HomelessTruths #worldhomelessday


Victorian Homelessness Network (VHN), is a partnership of the nine Regional Homelessness Networks in Victoria. The VHN provides a mechanism for strategically progressing issues of common concern across all Regional Homelessness Networks, with a focus on operational issues relating to management of a statewide homelessness service system. 

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