Victorian Regional Homelessness Networks

The Victorian Regional Homelessness Networks were established in 1996. They operate across Victoria in every Department of Health Human Services (DHHS) region and are funded by DHHS to bring services together to share information, and identify common needs and gaps in homelessness service provision.

The Networks assist in establishing and maintaining close working relationships between Homelessness & Family Violence Services and DHHS in order to promote and support the best possible responses to homelessness within a regional context. Each network is made up of members from homelessness and family violence agencies funded through the Specialist Homelessness Support (SHS) Program.

Regional Homelessness Network Coordinators (RHNC)
Each Network has a Network Coordinator whose role is to manage and facilitate the Network’s activities. 
Whilst there are some variations in terms of Network activities from region to region (as dictated by specific local needs and issues), the Networks fundamentally share a range of common goals and aims. Given this the RHNCs themselves have a unique role to play in building state-wide understandings and evidence bases and communicating the impacts of homelessness to both government and the broader community.

As a group the RHNCs have strong collaborative relationships that provide a robust vehicle for working together across Victoria to find ways to improve and refine homelessness responses and assist in the development of a Homelessness Service System that is ultimately better able to address and resolve homelessness in Victoria.


Contact Us
Barwon South West Region – Rebecca Callahan

Ph: (03) 5232 5176
Mob: 0418 522 800


Eastern Metropolitan Region – Jo McDonald
Ph: (03) 8870 4011
Mob: 0419 363 261


Gippsland Region – Chris McNamara
Ph: (03) 5120 2124
Mob: 0400 600 068


Grampians Region – Rowan Sweeny (Acting Jan2019) 
Mob: 0409 425 962


Hume Region - Linda Grellman
Mob: 0407 727 721


Loddon Mallee Region – Mellissa Edwards
Ph: (03) 5434 4150
Mob: 0417 636 144


Northern Metropolitan Region – Meredith Gorman
Mob: 0424 112 445

Western Metropolitan Region – Sarah Langmore
Mob: 0407 832 169


Southern Region – Ruth Gordon
Ph: (03) 9556 5777
Mob: 0437 569 609


Statewide Aboriginal Homelessness Networker 
Ph: (03) 9510 6288



Victorian Homelessness Network (VHN), is a partnership of the nine Regional Homelessness Networks in Victoria. The VHN provides a mechanism for strategically progressing issues of common concern across all Regional Homelessness Networks, with a focus on operational issues relating to management of a statewide homelessness service system. 

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