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Homelessness Facts and Stats

At the last Census, 30,660 Victorians were without a home (including 6,800 children) – that’s 27 per cent of Australia’s total (112,494).

The most recent data on homelessness from the Australian Bureau of Statistics was collected at the 2021 Census and was published in 2023. 


People rough sleeping represent less than 7% of all people without a home in Australia.

In Victoria, we need 146,000 new social houses.

On any given day, Victorian homelessness services have to turn away 96 people

In 2021-22, Victorian homelessness services assisted 102,000 people - that's 37% of total client nationwide.

The 3 top reasons for people seeking homelessness assistance in Victoria are:

financial difficulties (46%)

family violence (44%)

housing crisis (34%)

25% of Victorians without a home are young people between 12 and 24


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