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Homelessness can happen to any of us...

A lack of safe, affordable and appropriate housing is the main cause of homelessness.  With the current housing crisis, Victorian homelessness services are struggling to meet demand for assistance.  

A stable home is a solid foundation for life for all of us. When we have the housing we need, we can tackle whatever challenges come up and build a future for ourselves and our children.

The whole community can help end homelessness in Victoria.

Check out the ideas and click on the links on this page to see how you can help end homelessness.

Every Victorian deserves a home!

Advocate for change to

end homelessness 


more about the causes and solutions to homelessness on this website and the Homelessness Australia and Council to Homeless Persons websites

Write or Visit

your State and Federal Members of Parliament and local councillors to raise issues of homelessness and ask for action – see these tips from the Council to Homeless Persons


the Everybody's Home Campaign, the national campaign to fix the housing crisis in Australia


the development of public and community housing in your local area to provide homes for people who need them


origami houses for the Houses at Parliament campaign and display in your local community


the Melbourne Zero Campaign to end homelessness in Melbourne


to someone (or read their stories on some of these websites) who has experienced homelessness to gain a better understanding of homelessness 


to a newspaper or on social media asking for action to end homelessness - see here for social media posts to help you get started


the ACOSS "Raise the Rate" campaign to increase income support so people can afford housing, food and other life necessities 


housing and homelessness policies when you vote in local, State and Federal elections


into talk-back radio to discuss the issues and raise awareness of homelessness


these ideas with your colleagues, friends and families.  The more people understand about homelessness, the closer we are to ending it!

How can you help

end homelessness?

Help individuals to end

their homelessness 


people experiencing homelessness with respect




your property out to someone in need through a not-for-profit real estate agency or ask them to manager your rental property to help end homelesness


break down stereotypes about homelessness when talking with your friends and family


money to a homelessness service in your local area - visit the Regional Homelessness Network website for your area 


the system, not the individual for their homelessness


food, clothing or other necessities to local emergency relief services - see Ask Izzy  for services in your area


your time at a service that works to end homelessness - see listings on Volunteering Victoria or GoVolunteer

Chat, or Give 

money or food directly to people experiencing homelessness if you feel comfortable doing so.  A smile can brighten anyone’s day!

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